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Forcelink (Holland) is specialized in instrumented treadmills for research and rehabilitation applications.
Our newest product is the C-Mill: a patented gait evaluation and treatment system augmented with auditory and visual stimuli in a gait-dependent manner. The instrumented treadmill allows for online registration of gait parameters on a step-to-step basis, while a projector is exploited to augment the belt surface with real-virtual objects, such as stepping targets and obstacles. With these features, the C-Mill provides an engaging and functional gait rehabilitation environment. At the same time, the C-Mill objectively quantifies gait and gait-environment interactions, such as targeted stepping and obstacle avoidance.



BrainControl (Italy) is a breakthrough technology that gives disabled people the power to control objects with their minds, allowing them to control a communicator, domotic devices (lights, doors, windows, alarms, temperature, bed position, etc.), wheelchairs, and other assistive technologies. Based on a proprietary Brain-Computer Interfaces technology (BCI), BrainControl interprets the electric map that correspond to certain brain activity and allows patients to control a tablet PC through specific thoughts, overcoming physical disability and improving communication and environmental control. Awards: winner of the Marzotto Prize, winner of the eHealth Award 2013 (eHealth Solution EU SME Competition).

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DevMotion (Lithuania) provides rehabilitation exercises in the form of Kinect game. Consequently, patients are more engaged and motivated to participate in their rehabilitation process and achieve personal goals.. It helps patients simultaneously improve balance, coordination, muscle strength and range of motion, while providing quantitative data for physical therapists. Awards: Selected as top 4 startup in the Login Startup Pitch Challenge.



At Fysio24 (Holland) we enjoy getting you better. We provide 24/7 live, online physiotherapy. With one click customers can directly access a physiotherapist of their choice through an audio, chat or video connection whether it be in the comfort of their home or travelling overseas. It’s like having your own personal physiotherapist in your back pocket.
Fysio24 is unique in for some circumstances it takes away the necessity to visit a physiotherapy practice. Physiotherapy screening, diagnostics and treatment can be done online, where ever the customer needs it, whenever customers want it. We are convinced that our online service provides a more personal experience and quicker results than regular physiotherapy. Furthermore customers pay only for what they use, per minute. Through our 3 subscription models customers can choose how much physiotherapy they need and what they’re willing to pay.



Doctor Kinetic (Holland) is an innovative approach towards rehabilitation. The platform enables medical professionals to select and customize a training program for a particular case. The games improve compliance, by motivating players towards exercising – doing more repetitions with a better technique.
The ability to scan a person in 3D provides extraordinary reporting features.
It’s designed for professional and home environments. Doctor Kinetic is an Alumni of StartupBootcamp Amsterdam and a finalist of Accenture Innovation Awards 2012.
The system is used in multiple locations in the Netherlands where it was clinically approved. A large group of physiotherapy clinics is working with Doctor Kinetic. We are currently investigating other markets and getting ready to an international rollout early 2014.


The Virtuix Omni™  (US) is an innovative virtual reality interface that allows the user to move freely and naturally in their favorite game. The base of the Omni is a grooved, low-friction surface. Special pinned shoes keep the foot stabilized and prevent lateral sliding. Users walk naturally—and the result is a natural interface that works with any game or application that uses keyboard input. Walk, run, jump, crouch, or strafe—movements mapped to the keyboard can be mapped to natural motion with the Omni. Applications of natural movement in virtual reality stretch far beyond gaming with obvious opportunities in fitness training and physical rehabilitation.



Cognuse develops solutions for the mental healthcare industry.  CognuseManager allows TBI and stroke patients to continue their rehabilitation processes at home on modern touch-screendevices, gives therapist an opportunity to monitor their progress in real-time and adjust the training plans where necessary.

Currently Cognuse exercises focus on real-life tasks, but in the future will expland to include a full suite of services for the rehabilitation flow, including devices.

Customers include hospitals, clinics, independent professionals and home users in need of neurological rehabilitation and mental healthcare solutions.


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