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Medical e-questionnaires pairing doctor's and patient's languages

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– Our questionnaires allow you to pair any two languages, which are currently available at languagemed, e.g. German-Arabic or English-Spanish.
– Questions branch based on gender, age and other factors.
– A patient will not be able to skip a question without answering, therefore medical personnel do not need to spend time asking about skipped questions.
– The report shows scores and risk indexes, a real convenience for medical personnel.
– In case of foreign language speaking patients, it can help reduce the time needed for the interpreter by getting answers to routine questions out of the way before starting an interpreter session.

What problem you're solving and for whom? If you don't know yet, just say so

LanguageMed offers free, automated, comprehensive medical questionnaires pairing doctor's and patient's languages. LanguageMed connects patients to doctors to help ensure correct diagnosis and proper treatment.
The vast majority of medical facilities have a relationship with one of the telephone based translation services, which are rather expensive and time consuming for staff to utilize. Actual utilization tends to be low as a result. Most patients who have poor language skills in the facilities principle language will try to bring a friend or relative to assist with translation (often the 8 year old grandson). Some staff may also be bilingual and get tapped repeatedly for this task (often someone from housekeeping!). This is the reality. Languagemed is an attempt to bring a different (perhaps complementary) approach.

Where's the money? (uh... what's the business model)

- Subscription for Custom Template
- One-time fee for a custom questionnaire
- Google ads for a free version

How are you going to tell the world about it? Don't just say social media - be specific or say you don't know yet

1) Our resellers with connections to health professionals all over the world get an attractive offer from us.
2) Marketing through our Linkedin connections.

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    LanguageMed LanguageMed ( June 23 2016 23:11 )

    Medical staffs are pressed to save time and money these days. is available 24/7, as close as a nearby laptop or tablet. Although not a replacement for translators, the system can get most of the standard questions out of the way so more efficient use can be made of the translator’s time.

    Administrative personnel will want to know that is HIPAA compliant, using encryption for all communication with the server, and never requests any patient identifying information. The system is designed with 6Sigma principles in mind, helping to improve quality and efficiency. Reports can simply be read right from the laptop or tablet or printed out on a nearby printer. Administrator’s who want to see if their staff are utilizing can easily track staff usage and statistics. hopes its product will improve safety, compliance with governmental regulation and help improve the perception of facilities in their community.

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