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Emergency blood donations request app -

Simple app that helps hospitals replenish donor blood supplies quickly in case of major emergency

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Simple app that allows hospitals to put out requests for specific blood types and volumes needed and notify volunteers.

On the volunteer side, volunteers should be able to add their blood type, recent medical test info and location information, and to receive notifications from the nearby hospitals when their blood is needed.

Ideally based on standards

What problem you're solving and for whom? If you don't know yet, just say so

Seen on the news: hospital staff in Brussels are asking people passing by to donate blood for specific blood types (more than 150 wounded in three explosions this morning).

They need to be able to quickly find donors nearby with specific blood types.

Where's the money? (uh... what's the business model)


We can surely find a few sponsors to pay for hosting, and professionals to contribute their time to develop.

How are you going to tell the world about it? Don't just say social media - be specific or say you don't know yet

Social media, direct contacts with hospitals/emergency rooms.

Are there any specific questions you need answered?

Are you willing to contribute a bit of time to quick brainstorming? Coding?


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    Koen Kas Koen Kas ( March 22 2016 15:09 )

    This could serve as background experience; – has been linked to facebook in the past (

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       Leo Exter ( March 22 2016 15:52 )

      Facebook is a very good start (see banner), but I think two features that Facebook has to a very limited degree would be:
      – algorithm that takes into account donor’s location and travel time, known queue length at the donation station and a few other things to route potential donors to where they are most needed
      – push notifications to potential donors via all channels – not just FB (for example, I do not receive FB notifications, but something like this has of course a different priority).

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     Leo Exter ( March 22 2016 18:28 )

    Fresh from TV: for now a hospital in Brussels is fine on supply of blood, but they expect shortages in days to come. Interesting feature to add: connection to the existing stock.

    Is there an open standard for that?

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     Benjamin Friedrich ( March 22 2016 23:52 )

    Is anyone already working on that? Is there already a Open Source project (in , for example)?

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       Leo Exter ( March 23 2016 20:04 )

      Hi Benjamin, looks like our team ( will not work actively on this project: zero bandwidth at the moment.

      We believe that an extensive team would be necessary to make this project a reality – getting the word out to hospitals (who we think are the most interested party) is likely to take a significant amount of manpower.

      So far we’ve seen a very, very limited amount of interest in the project from the social media – which is an indicator that getting a large enough crew together would take a lot of effort.

      That said, if you want to take it forward we’d be happy to help with advice and network if needed.

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    Idriss Juhoor Idriss Juhoor ( April 18 2016 19:45 )

    Hi Leo,

    I found the idea very interesting. Do you mind if I create a simple prototype and send it your way?

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       Leo Exter ( April 21 2016 17:20 )

      Hi Idriss, thank you very much the offer, but we didn’t see any immediate interest in the app… we’re not going to proceed with it. Don’t waste your time – and if you’re looking for a healthcare project to work on, we can perhaps help you find a worthwhile application for your time and talent.

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