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    Kimon De Simone

    My passion is innovation, systems thinking and user centred execution. I believe that the future lies in the better collection and use of information in a secure and accessible manner, unmanned robotics and low impact use of the natural environment. Society in the next decades will converge toward being nimble/modular in the open configuration of capabilities and value variable cost structures. We will also learn to use better use all our senses to achieve better inspiration and effective results. The end game being maintaining our quality of life. My professional fulfilment comes from figuring out how we can contribute to making better products for our customers, making a better place to work, whilst contributing to make a difference in a larger sense. I am adept at generating ideas, planting vision and getting talent to adapt how they live together and strive for success. This is about; - knowing what you want, asking the right questions and measuring the right things, - brainstorming, dreaming up a future state, then retro engineering the to-be state and comparing it to the as-is state, - agreeing on a compelling call to action, garnering support and managing expectations, - planning the road ahead, celebrating mile stones, - documenting lessons learned and managing knowledge in the appropriate manner. Master in Business Administration with background in innovation, information systems, security. Experience in multinationals, supra national organisations and the management of a small companies. Proven ability to work within organisations in a broad array sectors. Specialties: Organisational development, structured problem solving and innovative product delivery.

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