Panel Speakers – HealthStartup 5, Amsterdam



Prof. Dr. Daniel Berckmans, Head of MR-BIORES (Measure, Model & Manage Bioresponses) Catholic University Leuven, Chief Technology Officer BioRICS nv

Professor Berckmans leads a research division at the University of Leuven that is focused on techniques and algorithms to monitor and to predict responses of living organisms in real time. It is one of the biggest scientific groups working worldwide in the field of integration of biological responses in the monitoring and control of living organisms. BioRICS is a spin-off of the research group and focuses on product development for human applications only (mainly in sports, health & wellness, and safety). In the safety area, for example, research is being done to see if biological parameters can predict when a driver is about to fall asleep at the wheel.

Cheryl Metcalf_finalDr Cheryl Metcalf, Lecturer in Biomechanics

Dr Metcalf and Dr Demain pioneered the use of Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect to help stroke patients recover their manual agility at home. A specially devised algorithm enables therapists to remotely track patients’ hand and finger movements and guide them through exercises.  Dr Metcalf is Lecturer in Biomechanics and an Enterprise Fellow in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton and a Visiting Research Fellow in the Faculty of Physical & Applied Science at the University. She held a prestigious Research Council’s (UK) Roberts’ Fellowship in Life Sciences Interface and also holds patents in hand kinematics and devices for home-based rehabilitation. Much of her research is working at the interface between engineering and rehabilitation.

demain sara -photo-finalDr Sara Demain, Lecturer in Physiotherapy, University of Southampton

Dr Metcalf and Dr Demain pioneered the use of Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect to help stroke patients recover their manual agility at home. Dr Demain’s research explores the Human Technology Interface in Rehabilitation. All of her research is interdisciplinary, working with rehabilitation professionals, engineers, sociologists and psychologists to understand the human technology interface in rehabilitation, specifically working with neurological conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. Dr Demain’s research has had a direct impact on Stroke Association and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy policies regarding the provision of physiotherapy after hospital discharge and informed guidance on best practice in exercise provision after stroke.

FotoWestermann2Michiel Westermann, CEO Motek (Motek Medical & Motek Entertainment)

Michiel Westermann is CEO of Motek BV ( and Motek Medical develops innovative products for rehabilitation, orthopaedics, neurology, performance enhancements and research.  Michiel holds a Masters degree in mining engineering and a MBA degree from INSEAD. He was one of the founders, owners and directors of Pink Elephant, a company specialised in the complete operational management of information systems, which was later acquired by Roccade (and now part of KPN Consultancy).  Michiel also was Managing Director of Twinning Holding, a state owned company that helped to create more successful ICT (Information and Communication Technology) start-up companies.

JSikkens2Janine Sikkens- van de Kraats, MSc, Project Manager Innovations at Pontes Medical /VU Medisch Centrum

Janine Sikkens- van de Kraats, MSc, is Business Developer at Pontes Medical/VU Medisch Centrum in the Netherlands. Janine is focused the achievement of medical-technological innovations in healthcare.  In the Pontes approach, ideas from academic medical centres are developed jointly with commercial companies into viable medical projects. In these projects all steps in the innovation process, from concept to prototype, from product development to clinical validation are facilitated.  Earlier in her career Janine worked as a physiotherapist and healthcare scientist at the Vrije Universiteit.

pietervandervoort_thumb_finalProf Dr Pieter Vandervoort, Cardiologist, co-founder Mobile Health Unit, University of Hasselt

Prof Dr Pieter Vandervoort is a practicing cardiologist at Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg in Belgium and co-founder of the University of Hasselt’s Mobile Health Unit. The unit currently supports several hundred cardiac patients with their home-based rehabilitation program. In the process they set up a “clinical call center” that consolidates and systematically monitors telemonitoring data from various devices and applications (e.g. pedometers, blood pressure, weight, heart rate, medication) and intervenes or alerts relevant clinicians when necessary.

Jurriaan-van-Rijswijk-finalJurriaan van Rijswijk, Chairman of the Games for Health Europe Foundation

Jurriaan van Rijswijk is an independent producer of more than 300 (serious) games and he is a serial entrepreneur. He is a board member of the Dutch Games Association. In 2010 he founded the Games for Health Europe Foundation, of which he is the chairman, and he is responsible for organizing the Games for Health Europe Conferences. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Monpellier Venture a company specialized in the development of corporate game strategies and the production of applied games.

sylvain-goblet-finalSylvain Goblet, Commercial Trial Leader, Janssen Healthcare Innovation

Janssen Healthcare Innovation (JHI) is a newly established team within the Janssen Research & Development, LLC. It is expanding the company’s offerings of healthcare services and solutions by acquiring companies and programs, and establishing partnerships and collaborations both internally and externally. JHI is entrepreneurial in our pursuit of new and unique business models. Currently, JHI has commercial trials (commercial trials are learning pilot programs where data is gathered to assess scalability for future applications) running in areas such as personal genomics, virtual medicine and mobile health.

pictures-makris-finalDr Dimitrios Makris, Associate Professor Digital Imaging Research, Kingston University

Dr Dimitrios Makris is a Reader (Associate Professor) at the Digital Imaging Research Centre, School of Computing and Information Systems,  Kingston University. His research interests are in the area of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Video Analytics and Human Body Motion Analysis.




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