Announcing a new HealthStartup Europe, a place where ideas turn into projects and projects into businesses
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Frank Boermeester Frank Boermeester - June 24 2014

The digital health opportunity in Europe is enormous, no doubt. Just think about the potential of a fully digitised sector and consider where we are today.  A long way off.

We’re in the early-early stages of a tech-driven revolution and in many ways still chasing trends in the US. The causes of this delay can be summed up in one word: fragmentation. Fragmented healthcare systems, fragmented tech clusters, and fragmented funding and support.

We want to nudge the digital health scene in Europe forward by gluing it together.

From Stockholm to Athens and Lisbon to Tallinn entrepreneurs are looking for ideas, cofounders and funding. It’s all there but finding it at a European level isn’t easy.

There are thousands of research projects at Europe’s many excellent universities crying out for an entrepreneurial team to take it to the next level. But the professional networks between researchers and entrepreneurs are still deplorably poor. 

In every European country you’ll find digital health-focused hackathons, incubators, competitions and funding programmes.  It all adds up to a gigantic ecosystem. But locally it remains small.

HealthStartup wants to help fix these problems by connecting Europe’s digital health innovators in a focused and business-building manner. More than a social  network, HealthStartup is a platform for turning ideas into projects, and projects into businesses. Need feedback from your peers about an idea? Looking for co-founders? Looking for a resource to take an idea or project to the next level? You’ll find it all at HealthStartup – at a European level!  We hope you find it useful. If you’d like to get in touch and tell us how we can improve the tool, don’t hesitate to buzz.

Don’t hesitate, sign up now!


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